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The Wretched Pussy Diaries [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hobo Yo' Way Down Here! [22, Jun 200801:52 pm]

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Pocket-Size Pervert [16, Jun 200807:01 pm]
[spearkerbox blastin |"you've got to..." (jj flores & steve smooth edit) young punx]

there is a man who i think is timing his walks with his dogs along with me coming to and fro my car and proceeds to touch himself through his shorts in my sight. the first time he did this (while i was fucking moving in!) i honestly thought i was seeing things.

then i realized i wasnt. the last time i saw him, he prorgressed to rolling up his shorts and hiking them up until the head of his dick was peeking through the bottom of his shorts. now i must admit, he is decently hung...but eh. he's mostly just a greasy looking guido.
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Good Dick. [28, Apr 200810:20 pm]

oh no, she is very serious. i wanna go see one of her shows in atlanta. like ASAP.
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I Can't Help It...Even Leather Boys Have Their Muses [23, Apr 200809:38 pm]
[spearkerbox blastin |"american boy" estelle (ft kanye west)]


checkout www.THEDRILLING.com

i must admit the guy is a bit innovative, of course along with kinky and almost alarmingly horny. anyway, he asked so nice and even threw in a free pair of custom leather chaps to fit -- so i said why the fuck not. ill model some gear on his site as he revamps it. what the fuck, no? he has actually found a really talented old english guy to do his custom leather work and all that jazz.

oh plus its just leather.

these are just some test bits and whatnot, we will see what is what after i get all the pieces fitted. ciao for now kids.

PS - what color hankie do YOU wear? ha.ha.
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One Must Ponder.... [16, Apr 200807:04 pm]
[spearkerbox blastin |"breakaway" (dj bill bennet anthem) inaya day]

so do TWO bi guys dating, like equal just one fag?
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